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Wet Fire Services

We have teams that specialise in the Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades of all Wet Fire Equipment







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About Our Wet Fire Team

Fire Sprinklers, Fire Hydrants, Hose Reels,

Fire Booster Pumps, Water Tanks, Suppression Systems

Non-Routine Inspection and Testing of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment

Essential Fire Services employees a team of highly experienced wet fire technicians. This is to conduct the non-routine testing of the Wet Fire Systems and Equipment installed onsite. This can range from the 5-yearly hydrant or sprinkler valve overhauls, hydrostatic pipe testing, 5-yearly diesel engine servicing and even the Booster Inlet Flow Test (the fire truck test). All requiring unique sets of experience and skills to complete, all of these tests are performed by Essential Fire Services staff and ARE NOT SUBCONTRACTED.


Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades of existing Fire Protection Systems and Equipment

All repairs, servicing, maintenance and upgrades are performed in house from our range of specialist technicians; plumbers, sprinkler fitters, diesel mechanics. This ensures that all works are conducted in-house, quickly and efficiently.

The team has the wide range of skills and capabilities to repair all types of wet-fire systems, and to adequately manage all emergency situations that arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Essential Fire Services maintains a mandatory 2-hour urgent attendance for all urgent works, and the right technician will arrive onsite, within 2 hours, and identify the problem. This service is available through the same number all year round, even public holidays.


Fit-out, project and construction work to existing or new Fire Protection Systems and Equipment

Within the wet fire team are technicians employed to carry out fit-out and project works, to assist Builders and Project Managers with all manner of works required within our buildings. This includes system drain downs, relocation of existing equipment, installation of new equipment and even converting old systems into new systems.

We are able to install new Gas Suppression systems, Pre-Action Valve style Dry-Pipe systems, and with the help of our electrical department, have the system integrate perfectly with the building systems.

All works are Third Party Certified, as we liaise and complete the DFES required forms and completion documentation. All works are certified and warranted as required for every project we complete.

Some Recent Projects we were involved in

Repairs & Maintenance
Fit-out & Construction
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