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The Fire Brigade relies on hydrant systems more than any other equipment when fire fighting. “Fire Brigade Boosters” provide a point of attachment for the fire brigade to supply additional water flow/pressure into the hydrant system.

The purpose of 5 Yearly Hydrant Service & Testing proves the Fire Brigade Booster Assembly and associated on-site pump bypass, valving and piping can sustain firefighting operations. It verifies there are no obstructions or impediments within the system that may restrict water flow/pressure available to the hydrants. Water is pumped through the Fire Brigade Booster to the most hydraulically remote hydrant. This test is critical because over time, pipework and valves will corrode/ deteriorate internally and can subsequently seize or become blocked. As a result, failure of the hydrant booster system may occur.

This test is often NOT performed but is arguably the most critical! This test is a legal requirement under AS1851-2012 (table 4.4.4, Item 4.2) and AS2419.1-2005.

Essential Fire Services has its own state of the art, purpose built, boosting appliance so that we can conduct this testing ourselves and not rely on sub-contractors or other service providers. We provide excellent advice, and a professional service, so please give us a ring today to organise a quotation to undertake the 5-Yearly Hydrant  Booster Flow Testing.

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